Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Since the Dawn of Time

Lately, I have been realizing that the only way for people to see my artistic ideas is to actually produce them! The idea for this artwork came to me while rehearsing and I wasn't going to do anything with it, but my boyfriend encouraged me so I went for it. This artwork will be in the lobby right before entering the theatre. Below is my artist statement.

Michelle Sauer
Since the Dawn of Time, 2015
India Ink on papyrus
12 ½ x 17 ¼

Lately, I have become increasingly intrigued with the concept of time and recurring themes.  Patterns of power, destruction, class, and love have been around for centuries, always repeating themselves. The more I am exposed to current realities, the more of a connection I see between our current problems to those of the past.

This artwork was inspired by my involvement in Jerry Springer the Opera by Richard Thomas with New Line Theatre. A phrase, a line, or a lyric can mean so much to one person, for reasons unbeknownst to the everyman. We all connect with something and I wanted to bring our cast together by assembling moments of the opera that stick out to them as individuals. I asked my fellow actors to write down their favorite lyric from the show and I replicated their handwriting with India ink onto papyrus paper. The variety of line is unique to each individual involved in the show and lends itself perfectly to visual interest.

These lyrics represent not only something personal to the actors involved, but they unite the way we treat each other to the ways we have always treated each other. Difference in language and tone of course applies, but the theme is forever present. As we look to the future, I must ask: Can all people unite through love?

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