Wednesday, February 4, 2015

I Just Wanna Dance

Last week we were taught the choreography for our little show by the ever so talented Robin Berger at her Leaping Lizards Studio. I love her ideas, she always is right on point with the feel of the show, and it always has a quirkiness about it, that I think reflect her personality. I really look forward to dance rehearsals because I am guaranteed a good time.

I do not consider myself a dancer by any means, I've gone to auditions with real Their hair is always curled to perfection, their bodies are insane, and they pick up hard steps like it's nothing. I secretly want to be all of them. This is why New Line fits me, Robin keeps the steps manageable but it always is visually compelling. I consider myself a person that can pick up moves quickly within the realms of my capabilities. I have been taking dance on and off since I was 14, but since going back to school and getting the new job, I pretty much stopped doing everything. After Sunday's dance rehearsal, I realize I need to get back into class.

Around 1998 Cats-The Musical came out onto video. I watched that thing so many times that I learned pretty much all the choreography. I was stunned that dancers could move their bodies in such ways, I never knew a person could do a high kick and hit their face! So I made that a goal of mine and I got there. There was a moment when my kicks were outstanding, but I can't really say that anymore now that I'm 30. I used to dance to that video not only to get exercise but to train myself. I was sure that starting dance at 14 years old was ridiculous; girls start dance when they're 3 and that's the only way a person can be great. WRONG! I learned how to move because of Cats, which sounds crazy.

Robin asked if I would be dance captain and I accepted. There are only 2 songs we dance in for this show, so it's not that bad. It's no Wild Party! (which I absolutely loved). I have been practicing in my basement so I know the steps and I am just having so much fun with it! I know anyone that comes to see this show will be leaving in good spirits from our final musical dance number. The musicality of the piece is infectious and I'm pretty sure people will be singing it as they leave the theatre.

In the show, the character Shawntel sings: "I'm tired of laughing, I'm tired of crying, I'm tired of failing and I'm tired of all this tryin'. I wanna do some living, 'cuz I've done enough dying. I just wanna dance. I just wanna fucking dance."

I love these lyrics. They really make you feel for her character and the choices she's making. But I think these lyrics reflect what all art (visual, dance, theatre, design) does to artists and willing viewers. It can take you somewhere else that allows escape, allows perspective, and allows you to be someone free.

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